DC Refrigerator DC Freezer

One of the best money saving investments you can make is a DC Refrigerator or DC Freezer.

New models are extremely efficient and because they use DC power they do not cost as much to run.

Solar kamagra vs viagra DC Refrigerator cheap uk kamagra is even an option. One single 70 watt solar panel will run one of these units easily.

A simple off grid solar setup will run the DC refrigerator or DC freezer in most climates, even testing in northern Canada

One question we usually get is sundanzer vs. sunfrost?
We have extensively tested both and the very best dc refrigerator is Sundanzer Energy Efficient Refrigerators.
We have actually tested the combination fridge/freezer for several years.

Super high quality construction and virtually indestructible. We have variable weather with over 30 degree drops in one day quite common, even more and they perform cialis just kamagra store fine.

Truly zero maintenance, galvanized steel outside, brushless DC compressor can be set for either 24 generic cialis volt or 12 volt, we have even switched one unit from 12 to 24 on an upgrade without problems.

Jane likes the low frost interior, very easy cleaning. It is because of the 4 inches of insulation and great sealing door.

These units are really great with solar viagra vs cialis panels.
A nice drain hole at the bottom makes them really easy to clean too.

Truly an outstanding DC Refrigerator or DC freezer (or combination unit).

SunDanzer dc refrigerator provides really low cost operation and are very reliable. Although we have not tested them as long, they are performing at the same level of performance. Designed specifically for remote locations, they work great in any grid tie set up too.
Sundanzer Freezer 8 cu ft.

One of the very best designs of a dc refrigerator or dc freezer on the market according to our testing the past few years.

Something we cialis all remarked on was how quiet they are, not like a regular fridge or freezer, these DC appliances are so efficient you don’t even know they are running.
When you are ordering, please specify whether you want the hinge on the left or right. If a color is not specified, the Sun Frost comes in white Formica as well.

(For a different color or a natural wood veneer, add $150.) Sun Frost refrigerators are also available without a finish, with unfinished birch plywood, ready for custom covering by your cabinetmaker.

Prices include crating charge. Sun Frost refrigerator are shipped by truck freight. All Sun Frost refrigerators are custom made so delivery times will vary. 2-year warranty.
For the most energy efficient DC Refrigerator, dc freezer or Solar Refrigerators Sundanzer and Sunfrost offer the best choices.

Email us for all of your DC Refrigerator and DC freezer options.

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