Solar Panels For Sale

Finding solar panels for sale is never that difficult, the problem usually is that the new customer does not know which ones are right for their home installation.
You might even be tempted to look for used solar panels for sale. Which ones are best? How many do I need? These and many more questions come up when you begin the shopping process.
Knowing the answers before you begin to shop is truly the key to an enjoyable and productive shopping experience.
You can choose from, MonoCrystalline, PolyCrystalline or Thin Film Flexible panels. Each is right for some, but which ones do we recommend.

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Living Off The Grid with Solar Panels

Years ago our family chose the option of living off the grid, and our first move was to install solar panels on our new home.

It turned out to be a really good decision as we have no regrets. If we had to do it all over again we would start by choosing solar panels for any and all renewable energy installations.


The main reason is dependability. When properly installed they will last a lifetime. What is involved in installing them?

Before we get ahead of ourselves perhaps we should explain the difference between grid tie and living off the grid.
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LG Solar Launches New 300 Watt Solar Panels

In a new product launch LG Electronics has entered the marketplace with a 300 watt model.

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Solar Panels

When most people think of renewable energy today they immediately think of solar panels, and for good reason.

Solar panels or Photovoltaic panels have become a very popular way to produce home electricity, whether you are grid connected or want to live off the grid.
They produce electricity in a very simple way, by converting energy from the sun into DC electrical current. The fine details of how this happens will be explained later. Continue reading »

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Sanyo Solar Panels

The SANYO HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer) solar cell is composed of a single thin crystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers, it is one of the best sanyo solar panels yet.
This product provides industry leading performance and value using state of the art manufacturing techniques.
Efficiency enhancing technology and superior temperature characteristics combine in the HIT module to provide up to 10% higher power output in high-temperature conditions than conventional modules. Continue reading »

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Building Solar Panels

Learning how to build a solar panel is not really that hard, here is what you need to know.
First, get a copy of our Introductory Guide Book – Building Solar Panels.
Simply fill in your name and email below to get your copy.


With so many choices out there today we figured the best solution was to build our own.
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How Is Solar Energy Used

If you were wondering, how is solar energy used, the answer may surprise you, more than just solar panels.

As surprising as it may seem in some way the sun and other stars are responsible for all the energy we have and use – fossils fuels we are so fond of are basically decayed plants, nuclear energy uses uranium atoms that appeared as a result of a star explosion, etc.

When we speak about solar energy and we wonder ‘ what is solar energy used for ? ‘we mostly refer to using the sun’s radiation for particular ends, as all other kinds of renewable energies, except for geothermal, in this way or another derive their energy from the sun. Continue reading »

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Facts About Solar

When we speak about solar energy we most often mean the use of the sun’s energy for practical purposes – such as cooking food, heating water, generating electricity and other uses.

Solar panels are obviously better for the environment than traditional forms of energy widely used nowadays.

Solar energy can be used in a great variety of ways, much more than just producing electricity for our homes. Continue reading »

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Shell Solar Panels

Shell Solar Panels, especially the SQ Series solar modules is a definite improvement over the former Shell / Siemens SP Series modules and is based on the new SQ solar cell design.

We have tested these panels extensively over years of service and every customer reports great results over the long term. A great choice for the homeowner. If you are looking for a really good long term investment for your solar power system then this is at the top of the list. The SQ Series module is identical to the SP mono-crystalline product line in all aspects except for the higher power and the “Squarer” shape of the solar cells which provides 6% more power per unit area compared to the SP series modules. The SQ modules have a power range from 80 to 170 watts and Selectable voltage 12V/6V on 80 watt modules Continue reading »

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Solar Panel Tracker

A Solar Panel Tracker is a very cost effective way to harness the power of the sun, requiring fewer panels, they work great in irrigation and stand alone systems, especially off grid applications. We have tested these installations extensively and found they work great and are very reliable. Wattsun Trackers provide you with more solar power for less money. Your power is harvested in a smooth dawn to dusk flow. Wattsun Trackers maximize your investment in solar power.
Trackers can be used for any solar tracker application. We make trackers for water pumping, remote homes, or village and industrial power. Our tracker control systems are not limited to Wattsun PV Trackers Continue reading »

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Air X Wind Generator from Southwest WindPower

The Air X wind generator 400w is a great starter model to accompany an existing solar panel installation or as a power source for a small cabin. These units are also available in marine versions, set to withstand the salt spray of the ocean either on land or on your boat.
These units are tested and proven very effective at our own home. In fact, this is the very first wind turbine that we ever owned. They provide power at low wind speeds and product maximum power at 28 mph. During a good storm one of these air x wind generators fill our batteries for our home completely. Continue reading »

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